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Meccanica di Precisione offers services for the design, prototyping and production of molds for plastic materials, such as resin, and metal (sheet metal, etc.).

  • MdP follows its customers throughout the production process of objects of any category and materials. The process starts from the design of molds for the reproduction of objects such as cutlery, pots, writing pens or various objects of the automotive sector. If you want to know more about what we can produce, look at the "Object Production“.
  • After developing the customer's idea, we move on prototyping of the mold, in which a first model is produced to test whether the customer's request meets his expectations. 
  • If the prototyped mold meets the customer’s needs, we move on to the production of the molds and the subsequent delivery if the customer has the machinery suitable for the final production of the object for which the mold was created.
  • If the person who commissioned the work does not have the appropriate equipment, Meccanica di Precisione can mass-produce the objects requested by the customer, and thus be able to complete the entire work path from the conception to the construction of anything.
Over the years Meccanica di Precisione cooperated with various Italian companies. We have teamed up with companies in Turin, Brescia, Vicenza, Bergamo and Varese. And in Treviso, Bologna, Rome and Milan. And finally, many companies from Campania which is our native Italian region. 
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