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Bending and blanking molds


This process includes at least 4 working steps:

  • Usually blanking is the first operation of the sheet metal production cycle and allows the creation of semi-finished or finished products. Blanking takes place thanks to the punch and the die which are able to generate a fracture following a high stress, generating the shape of the cutting edges.
  • The-deep drawing allows the mechanical processing of the laminated metal for the creation of cans, pots and containers deriving from a single piece thanks to the pressure between the matrix and the press-plate, limiting the formation of bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Closely connected to these two operations there is bending, which allows the formation of folds on sheet metal and thus obtaining the development of complex geometries.
  • Finally, there is mintinga well-known practice for the processing of coins and medals that allows you to create designs or writings on the surface. Thanks to the force of a press, the material is inserted into the cavities to obtain the required product.

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